I forgot to mention that after our previous “Dinner Date” Daphne finally told me her real name and not just her stage name after all those years. 

An Invitation

It still hasn’t been a year since any earnest interaction between Daphne and I; hence, the lack of postings.  I didn’t save any texts from this period a year ago, so I won’t always know the exact timing until February.  In early December 2017, Daphne had reached out to me a few times to have a drink and hang out.  She seemed more willing to do things outside of the strip club with me after the previous “Dinner Date.”  Although, we usually failed to connect.  I did learn that Daphne had been fired from the club I frequent and originally met her at.  She told me it was because she got drunk while working, although I felt like there was more to the story that I wasn’t being told.  She subsequently started dancing at another popular, upscale club in town.  After a few missed connections, on December 8, 2017 Daphne asked me to come to this other club to visit with her.  I had a good friend who had moved away a couple months prior that was back in town visiting.  Nonetheless, I couldn’t help ditching my friend after a couple hours to see Daphne.  Even though I didn’t feel much of a connection yet with Daphne I still lusted for her and she could ultimately get me to do anything if she asked sincerely.

Pink Pendulum GIF
Little did I know that the pendulum of karma was about to swing my way and I was going to get ditched myself!

Getting Personal

So I ditched my friend to go see Daphne, who put me on the list at the club.  When I nervously I walked in, she was on stage in the middle of a dance.  She saw me walk in and I walked right by her stage and winked.  I sat down at the bar and she joined me when she was finished with her performance.  Despite having hung out with her just the prior month, I found myself quite nervous and my inherent shyness to take afoot.  We talked and drank and this time we dug a little more into the lives of each other than usual.  Over our history together I had learned a fair amount of personal details about her.  This time, however, I really tried to get to into her soul, to find out what she was seeking in life and getting to know more of her background that drove her through life.  This was particularly pertinent with her about to finally graduate from college.  I learned that her father was black.  Not that it mattered, but it was interesting as I didn’t see that in her physicality at all.  From this, I asked her if she was “raised” black or white.  Without much hesitation and without apologies, she told me white. 


Anyways, after some in-depth discussion between us, her friend’s boyfriend showed up.  Daphne juggled talking to me and him and ultimately we all hung out together.  The older guy was wealthy and he took us to the VIP lounge – a private section of the club that requires a couple-thousand dollar annual membership.  Dancers aside, the VIP lounge was nice.  It was like an old men’s club with fine woodwork, attentive staff, and a quiet setting.  The man was happy to keep buying drinks, and I with such impeccable manners, didn’t deny him.  Eventually, the conversation swung heavily towards his relationship with Daphne’s friend.  Daphne’s attention toward me was waning and I began to feel isolated and neglected.  Perhaps I was being a little dramatic, but I found it to be somewhat disrespectful since she was the one that asked me to come see her.  At one point, she did ask me if I wanted some coke.  I was a little taken aback by that because she didn’t seem like the type and had never indicated she did it before.  Although, it was nice to hear in my mind, as it is something we shared in common.  I did decline and ultimately decided to leave.  I felt dissed!  Not the first time by Daphne and it wouldn’t obviously be the last.  I gave Daphne a hug before I left and let my hand drift down her back to her ass.  She laughed and said she was shocked because I had never touched her before like that.

Divergence Again

Daphne asked me what I was doing the next day.  I told her I had to watch my son and she said “borrringgg.”  At the time, this just reaffirmed my feeling that I would never be with her in any meaningful way.  Amongst other reasons, this feeling was solidified knowing that my son will always be an enormous part of my life who I will always take care of, and that someone who has such a reaction could never truly be part of my life.  So with this reaction and my feelings of being disrespected, I did not really have the intention of paying much attention to Daphne nor giving much thought to her.  I couldn’t say that I would never see her again, but I moved her to the back of my mind.  Our paths were diverging again!

It turns out that my visit to that club that night would be the last time I saw Daphne as a stripper.

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