DAY 16

Daphne continued to be in good spirits during these days.  She started thinking forward to other things, important things.  She wanted to go on vacation to Thailand.  Isn’t that the millennial destination of choice???  Lol!  I offered up the French Indies, down the line.  Daphne then asked me to help her get a new boob job.  I didn’t get it, she already had fake breasts and they were already fairly large and very well done.  At that point, it was more of a passing request that was only semi-serious.  Although, I did tell her I would get back to her.  This is where everyone will think this is proof that she was still in stripper mode with me trying to work me over to help finance all her wants.  Despite what looks obvious, I don’t believe that was the case.  All I can say is that this story still has another 126 days to it.  If I make it through writing this memoir to its conclusion, I think I will have been able to either proof my case more definitively or ultimately see what others probably think I’m blind to.  At this time, I will say that I’ve been around enough strippers to understand and realize their end game.  I have frequently gave in and gave them the money they sought, but it was my choice and I knew what they were doing the whole time.

It's About Time!

After a few missed attempts within 14 days and a entirely transformed bond between us, Daphne and I were finally going to meetup again for happy hour.  I made reservations at a semi-exclusive speakeasy for 5:45 pm on a Friday.  At about 4:40, I texted her to check and make sure she was going to make it on time.  I did not hear back from her, so 30 minutes later I had to flat out ask if she was dissing me again.  I did not hear back from her, so 30 minutes after that I cancelled the reservation at the speakeasy.  Here we go again I thought.  A few minutes later, she surfaced and said “no dissing!!!”  I was relieved, but still somewhat agitated by her tardiness.  She did ask me if I was mad.  I said no and let it go.  I ended up leaving my house and going to a restaurant/bar near me.  Daphne met me there an hour-and-a-half later.  I was talking to a mom and her older daughter, as well as the bartender when she finally arrived.  Naturally, I was charming and they made a point to tell Daphne that.  We ate a little and drank a lot at the place.  We also continued our pattern of excellent rapport with one another.  We also became friendly with the bartender, whom we asked to hang out with us after her shift.  We eventually went to another place in the area and ate a little more and drank a little more.  Wherever we went, we were the same.  We just talked so fluidly with one another, no matter what the subject.  I was shy when I was younger and am still inherently an introvert.  It was remarkable for me to be able to freely converse with someone so easily.  I can put on a superficial, social front with strangers, but it only lasts so long.  Eventually I revert to my introverted self.  It never happened with Daphne.  We later went back to the first restaurant/bar to see if the bartender was done.  She had finished and left.  Daphne and I went to one more bar in a different part of town.  When that was over, she drove me back to my car.  We talked a little in her car then she left.  That was it.  I made no attempt to kiss her.

A Little Piece of You

At that point, I was acutely aware that I was just a friend to Daphne.  I of course wanted more and she had to have known that even at that time.  I felt like if I rushed in too quickly I ran the risk of ruining everything and losing her forever.  Daphne was still healing from her recent breakup, which was still leading to hesitation and confusion in her life.  I did not want to force the issue and further add to her confusion.  I also still did not really think I had a shot with Daphne anyways, despite all of our recent bonding.  If nothing else, I figured I would just try and support her in any way I could and I would be in it for the long run.  I was in the friend zone, but knew it was necessary given her state of mind.  I know it sounds cheesy, but my love and care for Daphne transcended a typical romantic relationship.  I wanted a piece of Daphne, I wanted to be part of her life, no matter how small.  While I definitively wanted more, I was willing to accept anything I could get.  At the time, that was enough for me.

Unexpected Guest

The day after we hung out again was a day of recovery for Daphne.  She thanked me for the good time.  The day after that, Sunday, the weather was unseasonably warm for March and she had asked if my son wanted to visit with her dogs at my house.  I have a relatively large backyard for an urban locale and Daphne lived in an apartment, so it was an opportunity for her dogs to get some fresh air and exercise.  Daphne had two large dogs and on that day she decided to look at adopting another one.  Personally, I thought it would be too much to handle, but anything that made her happy I was in full support of.  Daphne ended up getting a German Shepard that had been adopted and returned several times due to his extreme separation anxiety.  She brought him to my house straight from the shelter and had left her other dogs at home.

Daphne never had been to my house before (I had never been to hers either at that point), nor had she ever met my son.  I was pretty nervous because we had never been around one another in a normal, everyday environment.  I also wanted her to like my son.  As a male, in my experience, it’s hard to find a female ok with dating a male with a child, unless they also have children.  I do not believe the same is true for a female.  Plus, Daphne was still relatively young.  Would she not just think of dating someone with a child as a burden?  I never thought that Daphne was into kids.  Turns out the worrying was unnecessary, as everything turned out great.  We played ball with her new dog, who loved his newfound freedom.  Daphne was awesome with my son.  She talked and played with him without effort in a very approachable manner.  She also brought him ice cream, which didn’t hurt either.  Daphne would come to mention that she only recently starting to be good with children and that she liked their “little personalities.”  My son really liked Daphne and thought she was pretty, while she said he was handsome and well-mannered.  Daphne stayed about two hours and another brick fell from our wall – she came to visit me at my house and at her request.  Daphne had become completely comfortable with me, how are relationship had evolved, and maybe wanting another piece of me.

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