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One night I was simultaneously working on my computer, texting Daphne, and listening to music.  I have an eclectic collection of music and the song above from Beth Hart is in one of my main playlists.  As the song started playing that night, I realized it could have been written for Daphne.  

Daphne abruptly left the state a couple of years ago to move in with her distant boyfriend.  I guess she was looking to put her past behind her and was seeking something more meaningful in her life.  And of course, she was hoping to find everlasting love.  When she just found more of the same and nothing she desperately desired, she moved back here to start all over again.  Daphne ultimately came back here and just repeated the same cycle, yet expected different results.  Maybe she found those new results, its not something I will know I guess.  Although considering her choice, I cannot imagine anything has changed.

When I realized the similarities of this song with Daphne’s live, I emailed it to her.  Her response was “OMFG!”

It turns out that L.A. Song was once one of her favorite songs that she long forgot because she could never remember who wrote it.  But how could that be???  The song came out in 1999 and is not widely known.  In 1999, Daphne was 9 years old.  In 1999, I was 26 years old (feel free to say ewww now).  Apparently Daphne had the song on cassette tape and would listen to it over and over.  Even at the young age of nine, she found it relatable.  I always found the song powerful and it has always been one of my favorites since it came out.  

What are the chances that a 9-year-old girl and a 26-year-old guy liked the same obscure song, but only would discover that 19 years later when they were best of friends.  Naturally to me at the time, it was further evidence of a deeper bond.  I was starting to believe Daphne and I had a cosmic connection that transcended time.  I was destined to be with Daphne.    


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