DAY 30

It became a habit that every Friday Daphne would come to my place, we would drink and talk there, do some coke, then go out to the bars.  For me, that was my normal weekend habit for the past several years.  I think Daphne did coke occasionally, and certainly drank, when she was dancing.  Since she stopped dancing, I don’t think she had been doing it that much until she met me.  It was only one night a week, but the coke, in conjunction with the drinking, started to wear on her. I had started doing coke (for the second round in my life, the first was just experimenting in my 20’s) to be more social and to help get me to go out to bars by myself since getting separated.  Most of my friends I had before I got married had either moved away or have their own families and no longer go out much.  My best friend screwed me over by trying to hook-up with my ex when we first got separated.  Maybe I had it coming, I don’t know and no longer care.

I digress.  I told Daphne cocaine was not something I needed to do when I was with her.  I actually preferred just hanging out and talking at my house.  In any case, Daphne took me up on my over and suggested a cleanse to detoxify – somewhat.  Firstly, we agreed to stop doing coke.  We also agreed to start exercising.  To start off with, we committed to power walking for about a half hour every day.  hat is a lot more than I had done in a long time.  We also agreed to limit sugar intake.  We did not agree to completely stop drinking or to start dieting, but I eventually added crunches, planks, and other similar exercises to my routine.  Daphne is the only person to ever get me to agree to such things and to start exercising.  I’ve been nagged by girlfriends, parents, siblings, and friends to exercise at some point or another in my life.  Most of my life I had been skinny, but certain anti-depressants made me gain some weight in my ladder years.  Still far from fat, but definitely had a stomach.  Anyways, the nagging by others was really about mental health and energy levels.  Nonetheless, I would never listen to what others wanted me to do.

Daphne made me want to change for the better.  She never demanded I did.  I offered up the cocaine stoppage and she took me up on it.  I wanted to feel better, look better, and be a better person for her.  In the past, I never considered these things for my significant other.  I was who I was, and my significant others were going to have to capitulate to me if they wanted to be with me.  Otherwise, goodbye!  Daphne made me want to be the ideal that I don’t think she ever had before.  From being my ideal of physically perfect, to our conversational compatibility, to our Cosmic Connection, the fact that Daphne was able to influence me to cleanse is yet another reason while I have proclaimed her to be the only love of my life. 

Note that we stayed off the coke the remainder of our time together.  Now, for me, not so much.

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